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Maintenance Guidelines for BIUT Products

With BIUT faucets and showers you have purchased high-quality products. But to enjoy the design and the high level of functionality of BIUT products for a very long time, regular care of products is required.

Keeping your taps and showers clean can really enhance the appeal of your bathroom, especially if they have a shiny finish such as chrome. Conversely, grimy and grubby fittings can subtract any beauty they might have brought to the space, so regular cleaning is a must. It is easy to incorporate this into your usual cleaning routine, and the fittings themselves don’t take a lot of work to keep spotless and gleaming. Here are a few maintenance tips and cleaning recommendation:

  • Use a liquid detergent and soft cloth or sponge with some warm soapy water and gently clean around your taps, spouts and drain covers. You can avoid lime spots by drying the fitting each time it is used.
  • Metals like chrome and brass have special polishes available which will add extra shine to your fittings but are not necessary to use every time. Often, buffing with a dry, close weave cloth will work just as well.
  • Never spray cleaning agents directly onto mixers or showers . Instead, spray cleaning agent onto a soft cloth and use this to wipe the surface.
  • Clean the aerators from time to time for a perfect foam flow of water from the fittings.
  • Protect your product from:
    • Water scaling arising due to presence of minerals and salt in water. Corners and edges of the products are most vulnerable to scaling.
    • Acid fumes formed when we clean the tiles or floors in bathroom with cleaning agents which contain acids or chemicals.
    • Scratching or scrubbing which occurs due to hard nature of cloth or coarse cleaning powder being used for cleaning.
  • To give BIUT self cleanable shower heads a really good clean, you will probably need to remove it. Cover it with a thin towel to protect the chrome, and using some pliers, unscrew the fastenings. Pull it apart, taking care to remember how it fits back together, and then soak all the metal parts in warm vinegar overnight. Replace any worn washers or other components. In the morning, use an old toothbrush to clean the inside of the shower head and gently scrub the back of the holes to loosen up any mineral deposits. Flush water through it once it’s cleared out to rinse off any remaining vinegar, and then reassemble it. If you don’t have the time (or the courage) to do all of this, the next best option is to tie a small plastic bag full of vinegar over the shower head and leaving it there to soak overnight.
  • Other BIUT shower heads come with Rubbit technology for cleaning. The nozzles just need to be rubbed with your thumb which removes the dust or scaling stuck in it giving you flawless rain flow.

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